Monday, July 28, 2008

Trailers, posters for Boonchu 9

Boonchu 9 is the latest film in the teen-comedy series from the 1990s, directed by Bhandit Rittakol from Five Star Production. The trailer from YouTube is embedded above.

I love the posters for Boonchu 9. I think they've captured the look of the posters from the original series.

The original series was about the trials and tribulations of Boonchu (Santisuk Promsiri) and his long-time sweetheart, Mo (Jintara Sukapat). The new film focuses on the story of on Boonchu's son, Boonchoke, played by fresh-faced young actor, Thanachart Tulyachat, following his adventures as he moves from upcountry to attend university in Bangkok. Santisuk and Jintara reprise their roles, now playing worried parents. Apinya Sakuljaroensuk, currently starring in Friendship, can be seen doing a jig while wearing the white mini-skirt uniform of the Chester's fast-food chain -- a bit of product placement for one of the film's sponsors. The humor looks mostly clean and homespun, which is refreshing. But will it attract audiences?

With good reception of the Five Star Remastered release of the Boonchu series on DVD earlier this year, Five Star Production certainly hopes to have a hit on their hands.

Boonchu 9 opens in Thai cinemas on August 28.

Boonchu 9aBoonchu 9b
Boonchu 1Boonchu 2Boonchu 5Boonchu 6Boonchu 8

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(Via Myfivestar's YouTube channel, SiamZone)


  1. I'm not going to be rushing out to see this one, maybe until I've seen one of the original series. But the trailer didn't make me cringe, at least (which is more than I can say for a certain upcoming film directed by and starring a Thai super-VIP--which raises the question: is it an act of you-know-what to pan that film?).

    Based on the text of the site, they may still be taking online reservations at the misleadingly name ThaiMoviesWiki. But then again, only the text loads for me, none of the images. So maybe they've stopped paying attention to it.

    And oh, yeah. The thumbnails for the old Boonchu posters all link to the same poster image.

  2. Nuts on those thumbnails. I came up with a jury-rigged bit of coding to get images to display side-by-side, and thought it was working beautifully, at least here on blogger. It looks horrible on the RSS readers, I'm sure.

    I'll hunt around for a better way to get the job done.

    In the meantime, the old Boonchu posters are on the Thai Film Journal set at Flickr.

  3. I fiddled with the thumbnails some more and got the click-through to work. Come back and try them out.

  4. Cool, nice work. I love old Thai movie posters.


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