Wednesday, July 30, 2008

On DVD in Singapore: Spiritual World

Spiritual World, a horror film released by Sahamongkol in Thailand last year, is out on English-subtitled DVD in Singapore.

The film stars Nuttamonkan Srinikornchot as Ming, a young woman who has the ability to communicate with ghosts, but there's one ghost in particular that is threatening Ming. However, try as she might to stay away from the spirit world, she is compelled to once again cross that threshhold when a young doctor (Anuchit Sapanpong) seeks Ming's help in finding the truth behind his father's death.

Ever the eager consumer of just about any Thai horror film that's had subtitles slapped on it, Delirium Vault's Nekoneko recently received the DVD by mail order. Here's an excerpt from her detailed, meowing review.

This one is a very atmospheric film, and the cinematographer knew just how to light the scenes, film the angles and use all the tricks of the trade to give it an uneasy and very off kilter feel very much complementary to the story. The acting is good…. particularly by Nuttamonkan Srinikornchot, who plays her role seriously, but without the melodramatic excesses that often come with such characters in Asian cinema. The overall direction and pacing are good as well, director Tharatap Thewsomboon tells a simple story without overly embellishing the plot with any superfluous elements that would distract you from the story.

She gives Spiritual World a rating of "4 Meows", which I guess means she likes it.

Spiritual World is available from MovieXclusive.


  1. Hehehehe!! Yep... I must confess that I've always had a soft spot for horror movies, particularly the real "stinkers"... as some of those can be the most fun. Like tasty "Junk Food" for your brain....

    Not to worry though, "The Spiritual World" wasn't one of those.... It was actually good. I'm so happy to have people reading my lil' reviews, and I thank you for mentioning me again!!

    Now... "Cursed Hair" on the other hand.....wait til my review for THAT one comes out!

  2. I agree, this movie was superb.


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