Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Familiar faces in supporting cast for Boonchu 9

One of the young actors in the supporting cast for Five Star Production's upcoming Boonchu 9 is Ratchu "Wan" Surachalas, who's been a fixture in the last couple of romantic films from GMM-Tai-Hub, Seasons Change and Hormones.

He was in Seasons Change, playing Ched, playing one of the mates in a rock band with the lead character. Ched's roommate and bandmate was Chad, and they were the comic relief in Seasons Change.

Earlier this year, Ratchu was in Hormones, playing the bespectacled geek who tries way too hard to get into a serious relationship with the most popular girl on campus. A hopeless, pathetic romantic, his character had my sympathies.

Wan is a student in architecture at Kasetsart University. He also somehow finds time to be in a rock band called the Lady Killers and work as a presenter on TV. Bangkok of the Mind has more about this hard-working young man.

Another supporting character in Boonchu 9 is played by young actor
Worarit “Gapper” Nilklom. He plays a friend of the main character Boonchoke.

In an item in Daily Xpress, he notes how closely he resembles Kriengkrai “Ae” Amatyakul, who plays Boonchoo’s Bangkok buddy in earlier episodes of the movie. Kriengkrai is among the cast of the original Boonchu series who is returning for the new film. Both Gapper and Ae have moles on their chin.

“I didn’t land the role because I had the same mole as Phi Ae but because of my character,” Gapper is quoted as saying in Daily Xpress. “But now I’ve met him, I think I could pass for his son in real life.”

Boonchu 9 stars Thanachart Tulyachat as Boonchoke, son of Boonchu (Santisuk Promsiri) and Mo (Jintara Sukapat), as well as Apinya Sakuljaroensuk. It opens in Thailand cinemas on August 28.

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