Friday, August 22, 2008

New trailer, new release date for Queens of Langkasuka

After a critical trashing and repeated delays, Nonzee Nimibutr's Queens of Langkasuka is now pegged for an October 23 wide release in Thailand, as trumpeted in a new, extended-length trailer that's just been posted to You Tube. It's embedded above.

Watch it in all its cannon-pounding glory. You've got Ananda Everingham in a loin cloth, riding a manta ray and letting fly a sonic roar that summons a thrashing sperm whale. There's impassioned speechifying by veteran actress Jarunee Suksawat as the elaborately costumed queen. Daeng Bireley star Jesdaporn Pholdee engages in palace intrique. Dan Chupong is kicking butt. Nang Nak's Winai Kraibutr is a pirate. Sorapong Chatree is a bearded sage. Spurred on by a regal-sounding choir, an army, airborne on hang gliders, drops bombs on enemy ships.

I'm excited. How about you?

Queens of Langkasuka is also set for a special midnight screening at the Venice Film Festival and it might yet turn up at the Bangkok International Film Festival.

(Via Moon0i's YouTube Channel)

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  1. "I'm excited. How about you?"

    You are being sarcastic right?



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