Friday, August 1, 2008

Tony Jaa's seven demands

Embattled Thai martial-arts star Tony Jaa was expected to turn up yesterday at a press conference with his parents and Sahamongkol Film executives about salvaging his troubled directorial debut Ong-Bak 2. Instead, Tony sent his lawyer, Jarupol Reuangkeht, who issued a list of seven demands by Tony.

The Thai daily Kom Chad Luek has been covering the case, and thankfully Bangkok of the Mind is continuing to translate the Thai press reports.

Here's Tony Jaa's seven demands:

  1. He wants an extra 55 million baht to finish the last 20 percent of the film. That does not include the cost of the film, actor hire, studio hire, theatre run.
  2. Jaa wants the right to choose his own production crew, which would include Ong-Bak 2's producer and Jaa's mentor, Panna Rittikrai
  3. Jaa's personal manager would have the right to oversee the accounts for the total production
  4. He would have the film finished by November 30
  5. He wants details concerning the actor's fee, and his director's fee
  6. Jaa would like a 50-million-baht share of the profits from distribution and ticket sales. Previously, Jaa and Sahamongkol Film agreed that he would get a 25 percent share of net revenue from those sources
  7. An end to the contract that Jaa signed for acting services with Sahamongkol.

If the demands are not met, Tony says he will not return to work.

The demand for 55 million baht to complete the film stems from the dispute Tony and Sahamongkol have over whether they already gave him the money. Tony has said 117 million baht were provided to his production company by Sahamongkol, and now he's out of money. Sahamongkol says Tony has spent 250 million baht already.

It's encouraging that Tony is asking that Panna be included among the production crew. That might appease the Sahamongkol folks a bit. Sahamongkol, meanwhile, has asked Tony's former director, Prachya Pinkaew, to step in and finish Ong-Bak 2, which was probably galling to Tony.

Ahead of yesterday's very odd-sounding press conference, Tony's parents have become worried about their son. They filed a police report, which alleged that their son has been abducted and is being controlled by some "heavies" who are connected to a Korean financier. Tony made another brief appearance for TV cameras to prove he's okay, but he refused to answer questions about the Korean connection. This case is becoming increasingly weird.

The full write-up in the latest episode of Tony's troubles is at Bangkok of the Mind.

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(Kom Chad Luek photos by Warisara Wuthikul)


  1. What a drama queen Tony turns out to be. But why is this being played out in public?

    Do studios ever make actual dollar promises regarding revenue shares? Everyone knows how unpredictable movie profits are, so percentages make much more sense.

    Burning bridges here.. he must be ready to cut and run for Hollywood.

    Coming 2010, Tony Jaa stars in the action event of the summer... "Where You Go? My Name Id!"

  2. lol, Tony Jaa going to Hollywood.

    He can't speak any English, there is no chance for him in the west until he tackles this shortcoming.


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