Tuesday, August 12, 2008

On DVD in Singapore: Cursed Hair

Direct-to-video titles aren't usually the best, and if they are direct-to-video out of Thailand, well, I think that's usually a pretty worrisome sign.

Cursed Hair was released in 2006 by Right Beyond and went straight to VCD. This story about a female vampire that eats hair was directed by none other Banlop Lomnoi, an actor who played the soldier in Apichatpong Weerasethakul's acclaimed 2004 film, Tropical Malady. It appears Banlop tried his best to apply art-film aesthetics to low-budget horror. I'm not sure it worked, though.

Nekoneko, who really will watch anything from Thailand (as well as Indonesia and Malaysia) as long as it has subtitles, has reviewed Cursed Hair. Here's a bit of what she has to say:

This one isn’t the most amazing film ever made, a B film by anyone’s standards, but sometime these can be the most fun. I just wish I could say this was one of them… Instead, I have to report that despite the nifty looking cover art, this is one of those shot-on-video semi-titillating Thai movies made mostly to cater to those horror fans needing an excuse to watch pretty Thai girls get almost naked.

It's actually a movie-within-a-movie-type movie, with a good chunk devoted to flashback involving a beautiful young maiden, a jealous wife and a black-magic curse. Then there's a reality TV crew and a cellar full of ghouls.

You can see a bit of it in the trailer from YouTube, posted by Rbyond. It's embedded below.

Curse Hair, if you dare, is available by mail-order from the kind souls at MovieXclusive.

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