Tuesday, August 19, 2008

More black magic go-go action in P2: The Unforgiven

No, it's not a sequel to the Hollywood thriller that takes place in a parking garage.

P2: The Unforgiven is a sequel to a film called P, a horror thriller about a young woman -- a Bangkok go-go dancer -- with black-magic powers.

Directed by Paul Spurrier, P had a good reception when it was shown back in 2005 at the New York Asian Film Festival, the Brussels Fantastic Film Festival and the Yarmouth Film Festival. It's never been released in Thailand, and I have yet to actually see the movie.

MonteCristo International is shooting the sequel now, though few details have been revealed. Perhaps I'll get the chance to ask Paul about this the next time I see him.

(Via Film Stalker and Bloody Disgusting)


  1. I actually have seen "P"... on the Region 4 Australian release. It tries to be a serious examination of Thailand's sex trade market as it is fueled by foreign demand for it and it also wants to be a ghost film..... sort of.

    Can't say it was particularly scary or exploitatively shocking. It was just a fairly average film, so I'm surprised to see it has spawned a sequel.

  2. wow, this is an interesting site, especially for me who has been in thailand for only a year. this should be a useful reference for me from now on. good job on this! cheers.


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