Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Love of Siam cast reuniting for 4 Romance

Young actors Mario Maurer and "Pitch" Witwisit Hiranyawongkul, who portrayed teenage lovers in The Love of Siam, are among the cast of 4 Romances, a four-segment romantic drama.

Not to be outdone by rival studio GMM Tai Hub's ensemble romance Hormones and their four-segment horror omnibus 4bia, the gang at Sahamongkol Film International wants to show they can work together. Along with Love of Siam writer-director Chukiat Sakweerakul, there will be the veteran hands Prachya Pinkaew, Bhandit Thongdee and Rachen Limtrakul also directing segments.

Bangkok of the Mind, the go-to website for all news about Mario and The Love of Siam, has more details about 4 Romances:

The four parts are called Dream, Sweet, Shy and Kiss.

Chukiart is directing Pitch and his band August in his part of the movie, a fantasy called Dream. Pitch's band, August, was created for his last movie, Love of Siam.

Rachen Limtrakul is directing Mario in the part called - wait for it - Kiss! The lead actress is a new face to acting whose name was not given.

Shy, directed by Bhandit, stars actress "Tan" Kanya Rattanaphet, from Love of Siam, and a new face as the male lead.

Sweet, directed by Prachya, stars actor Chakrit Yaemnam, "Champ" Wasit Phongsopha from Khao Chon Gai, and Saipan Apinya [Sakuljaroensuk], from Friendship, also starring Mario.

4 Romances is due for release sometime in November.

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(Via Bangkok of the Mind, Deknang/Popcornmag)


  1. ..... that movie was so inspirational...
    i love the way the movie directed..., the actors seem to be veterans!, they don't do over act like other fims... i really like this movie!!!


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