Monday, September 29, 2008

BKKIFF '08: Festival notes part three

There will be a next year
  • The awards have been handed out, and the festival is winding down, with one more day left to go. In comments to The Hollywood Reporter's Joel Gershon, Bangkok International Film Festival president Jaruek Kaljaruek says he's received positive indications from the Ministry of Tourism and Sport that government funding would be available for next year's festival.

That's entertainment
  • Also expected to return next year will be the Thailand Entertainment Expo, which was put together by the Department of Export Promotion under the Ministry of Commerce. Though action at this year's inaugural edition was tepid, everyone involved thinks it's a great idea and should be continued.
  • Liz Shackleton of Screen Daily has filed an extensive report on the Expo, saying there were 147 film, TV, music and animation companies and trade associations taking part. Here's a quote from Department of Export Promotion director general Rachane Pojanasuhthorn:

"Next year we'll include Thailand Entertainment Expo in the country's international events calendar and it will be promoted to a greater extent. It's interesting that Indian companies have shown interest in shooting films here. Some Japanese firms are also look for co-production partnerships in Thailand."

  • Participants said not a lot of buyers showed up because a number of embassies had issued travel advisories, due to the anti-government protests.
  • The timing of the event also worked against it - film industry heavyweights are already with busy with Pusan's Asian Film Market and the American Film Market. So next year's Thailand Entertainmet Expo might be held at a different time of year.
  • Variety's Kong Rithdee also mentions the Entertainment Expo in his report.

Love it or hate it
  • Brian of Asian Cinema - While on the Road issues a second installment of reviews from the festival. He found Soi Cowboy smug, thought the Iranian film Those Three was beautiful and Days of Turquoise Sky was tender and sweet. He hated 12 Lotus, Royston Tan's musical followup to his smash hit 881.
  • I'd better get around to writing my own capsule reviews, which will include Days of Turquoise Sky and 12 Lotus, both of which I liked, or at least didn't hate.

World Premiere
  • The Bangkok International Film Festival scored the world premiere of Japanese director Naomi Kawase's Nanayo, which must be the same thing as this on IMDb. It's about a young Japanese woman who heads for Thailand, more or less on a whim. She finds herself at a remote school in the mountains, learning Thai massage. Isn't it interesting how that contrasts with another Japanese film that was supposed to screen at the fest? Nanayo is the closing film, at 8 on Tuesday night (September 30).

(Photo from Thailand Entertainment Expo via Flickr)

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