Thursday, September 4, 2008

Dharma comedy: Tevada Tokmun

Alongside Bangkok Dangerous (and more excitingly and enticingly, the limited Bangkok releases of Sukiyaki Western Django and In Bruges), also opening in Thai cinemas today is a comedy about a guardian angel, played by a well-known comedian.

Yes, the comedian-as-guardian angel bit was done earlier this year in Teng's Angel. But Tevada Tokmun is billed as a "dharma comedy", and the angel, played by bald-headed comic Thep Po-ngam (Killer Tattoo, SARS Wars), is of the Thai variety, with a conical hat, rather than a winged angel of Western culture.

Will this angel make moviegoers feel safe enough to head out to the cinemas during the political crisis and street protests?

Released by RS Film and directed by Artit Sripoom, Tevada Tokmun has Thep as a guardian angel who's sent to guide a Buddhist abbot (Sreenoom Chernyim). However, along the way, angel Thep is sidetracked in a village, where he decides he must try and solve the wide-ranging problems of all its denizens.

A cast of comedians well known in the 1980s are in support, including Den Dokpradoo and Der Doksadao, according to the blurb in today's Daily Xpress. There also the usual faces from Thai comedies, like Somchai Sakdikul and Jaturong Mokjok, as well as a smattering of youngblood talents, "Tee" Wiwit Bawornkiratikajorn and "Papang" Suparada Tempreecha, both from "Academy Fantasia 4", according to MovieSeer.

Teaser trailers for Tevada Tokmun are on YouTube, here and here.

(Poster via SiamZone)

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