Friday, September 5, 2008

Chocolate on DVD and Blu-ray on November 3 in the U.K.

The first announced English-friendly DVD release of Chocolate will be on November 3 in the U.K. Cine Asia also plans a Blu-ray release. Head on over to DVD Active for a bigger image of the attractive cover art.

Two screenings of Chocolate are set for September 13 at the Toronto International Film Festival, an afternoon screening at 12:40pm and as the closing Midnight Madness film at 11:59pm. Chocolate then heads to Austin for the Fantastic Festival.

(Via DVD Active)


  1. ...let's hope the BR is multizoned then, as my BR player is a USA one - to take advantage of what I most often buy - not a UK machine. the irony.

  2. I had no idea Blu-rays were zoned. That's another reason to hold off buying a player and getting into Blu-ray discs.

  3. Oh, and Chocolate will get a theatrical release in the UK in October, according to Kung Fu Cinema.

  4. sure, BR discs are zoned. japan and america share zones, so that primary interest works out for me best by buying a USA PS3 - which i've had for some time - and the other most interesting territory, HK, usually multizones their releases.

    the UK, infact pretty much everywhere, fiddles with whether they'll zone particularly discs, so i'd wait for word on that because zone-free / multizoned players aren't really out there yet.

    as for a cinema release - as per ong bak - i'd happily go see it, but i can never be certain these token gestures really figure much, or work out for most of us.


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