Thursday, September 4, 2008

On Blu-ray: The Tiger Blade and Vengeance

The first Thai Blu-ray titles, The Tiger Blade and Vengeance, have been out since July. Released by BCI Eclipse, both films were produced by the upstart Mono Film, and are wonderfully loopy, surprisingly entertaining affairs.

DVD Active has reviewed both Blu-ray discs. Here's an excerpt from the review of Vengeance by Gabriel Powers:

I’ve seen some bad Thai flicks in my day, but I can’t recall ever seeing a boring Thai flick. Vengeance (aka Phairii phinaat paa mawrana) is no exception to this so far dominant rule. Like those other un-boring Thai flicks, Vengeance takes a simple hook and then proceeds to narrate the piss out of it, creating an unabashedly complex story that often neglects to make any sense to Western eyes. If this had been an American made film it would’ve been shot for $100,000, featured almost no story structure or dialogue, and it would’ve premiered on the Sci-Fi channel. But that’s what makes Vengeance a thoroughly entertaining experience, its gumption in the face of utter absurdity, not to mention more plot then the average made for Sci-Fi feature.

And a bit of Powers' review of The Tiger Blade:

But like I say, I still haven’t seen a boring Thai film, and despite all this stupidity The Tiger Blade sucked me in with its anarchic sound and fury. I’ve got no idea what the hell is going on, but it’s colourful, flashy, sexy, bloody, and often hilarious in its out of nowhere sense of absurdist humour.

Both Blu-ray discs have behind-the-scenes featurettes and a choice of the original Thai soundtrack or an English dub, plus English subtitles. There is also an ordinary DVD release of these two films by BCI.

As the not-so-proud owner of the Thai-released DVD of The Tiger Blade - the one that censor-blurs 80 percent of the movie - I want to pick these up at some point, maybe even the Blu-ray version if the price of players becomes just a little bit more reasonable.

They are available from HK Flix or Amazon.

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