Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ku Mei: Masked action heroine and hot kisser

The always-interesting Soft Film: Vintage Chinese Cinema, written by a guy with the great name of Durian Dave, recently posted about Hong Kong singer and actress Carrie Ku Mei's foray into Thai action cinema in the 1950s, playing a "pistol-packing masked crusader". He quotes the following from a scan of The Happiness Movieland magazine, Issue 19, May 1959:

Ku Mei, the little "Skylark", becomes very popular in Thailand as she leads the cast of the Siamese picture The Steel-Arm Girl Knight-Errant. She speaks now fluent Siamese and has adapted herself to the customs of the land. Her kiss scene in the picture boasts to be the longest, the hottest, the wildest and the most tempting kiss in the history of Siamese movies.

Durian Dave goes on to state that Ku Mei visited Thailand in 1956 during a promotional tour for A Thousand Flowers Bloom and was invited to stay and star in Thai movies, one of them being Steel-Arm Girl Knight-Errant.

I've seen other images similar to these, probably on the Thai Film Foundation website's forum. Dave thinks the leading man in the photo below might be Thai action legend Mitr Chaibancha, who would have just been breaking into show business around the time that film was made. But I'm not convinced it is Mitr.

So who is it? If there's anybody who has any more information about The Steel-Arm Girl Knight-Errant or other Thai films Ku Mei was featured in, please feel free to comment.

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