Sunday, September 28, 2008

BKKIFF '08: Festival notes part two

  • At last year's Bangkok International Film Festival, I was tapped at the last minute as a replacement juror for the short-films competition -- of which there was none this year. I got a VIP badge and had to dress up for the gala banquet. I can't say I feel like I'm missing out. I'd rather watch films. Any minute now, they are going to be handing out the Golden Kinaree Awards at the banquet over at the Pullman Hotel. I'm going to go watch a German gay zombie movie -- Otto; or Up with Dead People -- and will catch up on the awards results afterward.

Fug or fabulous?

Who's watching the watcher?

Organisers, however, are putting a brave face on proceedings, saying the "compact" festival aims to showcase first and second-time directors, Thai mainstays and emerging Asian stars.

"I hope I'm not overstepping my borders, but I feel we've really got our act together this year," actor and competition jury member Ananda Everingham said during the opening ceremony on Tuesday.

If the festival is deemed a success this year, artistic director Yongyoot [Thongkongtoon] said, it could mean a little leverage to up the ante for 2009.

"We might be able to ask for the bigger [government] budget or get more sponsors for the film festival," he said.

  • AFP also got a quote from an "industry watcher". Where do they find these guys?

You rock, Rock

(Photos via by Kristian Dowling/Getty News)

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