Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Holy Man 2 preaches at the box office

No big surprise that Luang Phee Theng 2 Roon Ha Rumruay (The Holy Man 2) was the No. 1 movie over the weekend at Major Cineplex, Thailand's biggest movie chain.

After all, Phranakorn Film's first Holy Man was the biggest movie of the year in Thailand in 2005.

The rest of the weekend's top five is all Hollywood: Eagle Eye, Disaster Movie, Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Day of the Dead.

The previous week's No. 2, the horror-comedy Baan Phee Pob 2008, has dropped out of Major's top five, but is probably still drawing crowds. Major Cineplex does not list revenue figures or the number screens in the weekly box-office tabulation on its website.

Despite its title, Luang Phee Theng 2 does not star Theng Terdterng, who has become a busy entertainer since hitting it big with the Holy Man role.

Replacing him is Apisit Opsasaimlikit, better known as Joey Boy. The GMM Grammy rap star proved he could carry a movie in 2006's The Possible, playing the the lead singer of a time-travelling 1970s rock band.

The hip-hop star lends his rapping talents to the role, whipping up enthusiasm among adherents as he preaches with a rapid-fire rhythmic flair. Later, some boyz in da 'hood express their appreciation for the rapping monk's talents, and Joey Boy momentarily, only perceptibly, starts nodding his head to their infectious break beats, but quickly catches himself. He then sets out to wander the Earth, like Caine in Kung Fu. He finds himself in a dustblown village, populated by freakish rustics. And he decides he's in the right place.

I've not been to see Luang Phee Theng 2, and don't know if I'll find the time. I feel like there's enough enjoyment to be had in the trailer. It's at YouTube and is embedded below.

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  1. I really don't understand the appeal of this franchise. I hate the first one and I'll probably hate part 2. It wasn't funny, it was kinda dull.


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