Saturday, October 18, 2008

Projects for the 3rd Produire au Sud Film Workshop Bangkok

As part of the World Film Festival of Bangkok, Produire au Sud is a biennial workshop in which indie producers and directors get a chance to talk with industry figures about their films and how to get funding for them. This year's Produire au Sud Bangkok workshop will be held from October 29 to November 1. Six projects have been chosen:

  • Stratosphere (Thailand) - producer Hassaya Rimphanawat; director Patavee Viranuvat
  • I Carried You Home (Thailand) - producer Thacksakorn Pradubpongsa
  • director Tongpong Chantarangkul
  • The Tour (Malaysia) - producer Joanna Lee; director Chris Chong
  • Shadows of Noon (Philippines) - producer Elisse Aquino; director Ivy Universe Baldosa
  • Balaan (Philippines) - producer Oscar Nava, director Ray Gibraltar
  • Remembrance (Philippines) - producer Eloisa Espino-Sanchez, director Seymour Sanchez

They will make their pitch to producer Elise Jalladeau, screenwriter Miguel Machalski and sales agent Emilie Georges.

I Carried You Home previously came away with cash from the Asian Cinema Fund. Director Tongpong's short, Wings of Blue Angels, is part of this year's World fest program.

Here is more about Produire au Sud (Producing in the South), from the World Film Festival of Bangkok's blog:

Created in Nantes (France) in 2000 by the Festival of 3 Continents, Produire au Sud is a workshop aimed at Asian, African and South American producers.

In fact, if the state of worldwide film production covers heteogeneous realities, the problems that must be overcome for the development of a full-length film are often similar.

The main goal of Produire au Sud is thus to help and support the producers of these specific geographical areas with the learning and fulfilment of their job.

It is undoubtedly in the viewpoint of exchanging tips, skills and ideas that the Produire au Sud workshops are taking place each year in Nantes during the Festival of 3 Continents but also abroad in the framework of several partnerships with some international film festivals.

One of the projects from the Bangkok workshop will be selected to attend the Nantes festival for further talks and workshopping.

Supported by the French embassy, the Bangkok workshop was started at the 3rd World Film Festival of Bangkok in 2005. O Nathapon's A Moment in June was the first film selected. It recently premiered at the Pusan International Film Festival and is the opener of this year's World fest. The workshop was held again in 2006 (since then it will be biennial) and Malaysian director Liew Seng Tat's In What City Does It Live? was chosen.

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(Via 6th World Film Festival of Bangkok blog)

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