Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ghost stories from the set of The Coffin

Just about every horror movie made in Thailand has a story or two about a ghost on the set, which the cast and crew will dutifully spin for the media during the film's promotional blitz.

The Coffin is no different, and as Ekachai Uekrongtham's horror thriller gets set to open in Singapore and Malaysia over Halloween weekend, the chilling tales of the haunted filming location are being recounted.

Channel NewsAsia has more:

The movie locations included real cemeteries, an active crematorium chamber and a 100-year-old Thai temple.

An elaborate religious ceremony was performed before filming began, to ask permission from the gods and to apologise for any possible wrongdoings by the cast and crew.

Despite this, there were still events that spooked them.

Ekachai said, "Our director of photography went to (the) toilet when we were shooting in a 100-year-old temple and there was a voice in the next cubicle telling him to just go, leave. So that day we left very early.”

With the theme of death running through the film, different measures were taken to make the international cast feel comfortable.

Ekachai said, "Like Karen Mok from Hong Kong, you have to give her a red packet with some money every time she finishes shooting a scene that involves dying or death.

“We have (another) actor from Hong Kong… Andrew from Hong Kong… and we have to give him some money, put it inside his shoe whenever he is in a scene… and the Thai people, we will pray to… I think three different gods before the shooting begins."

"The Coffin Challenge" was held on Saturday in Singapore, with punters lining up for a chance to win free tickets to the movie's Singapore premiere on Wednesday (October 22). Each person was required to stay in the mock-up coffin for three seconds, and when they completed the ritual, they received a red packet to ward away any bad karma.

Update: The Straits Times has (cache) an account from a reporter in the crowd at the "The Coffin Challenge", where 100 people eagerly, fearlessly jumped into the coffin.

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