Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Synopses for Red Eagle, P2 and other good stuff

Following up on my look at films that will be showing at the American Film Market, I now delve into the Thai films listed in pre-production in The Film Catalogue for the American Film Market -- the same place that lists Kongkiat Khomsiri's and Wisit Sasanatieng's Slice -- there's more Wisit with the synopsis for The Red Eagle. Now tipped for completion next year by Five Star Production, Red Eagle is the reboot of the 1960s Thai action franchise that starred Mitr Chaibancha and Petchara Chaowarat. Ananda Everingham is set to star.

Here's the synopsis from The Film Catalogue:

Thailand year 2013, introduced two phenomenons. The first was the baffling case of politicians gone mad and causing havoc all over the city. Eventually they died of unknown causes. The other puzzling event was the appearance of a mysterious man who is seen and recognized by his disguise under a dark black suit who strikes without mercy.

Out to clean up the city is what can only be described as a birdlike character or a Red Eagle, his activities showed us that his thirst for vengeance was strong. Revealing himself only at night, he chases down and kills off corrupted politicians that threaten the existence of the city dwellers. The only evidence of his vicious acts are found on whats left of the body in the form of a name card simply printed The Red Eagle.

Brilliant! We need Red Eagle, for real, right now. Because there are, at the moment, certainly plenty of mad politicians causing deadly havoc in Thailand.

There's also a synopsis for P2: The Unforgiven. Nothing to do with parking garages, this is the sequel to Paul Spurrier's 2005 horror film P, about a Bangkok go-go dancer who practices black magic. It was mentioned as being in production by Monte Cristo Entertainment earlier this year. Anyway, here's the synopsis from AFM:

A sequel to P, Bangkok nights of terror. When Nok finds herself in desperate need of money, she finds work in a Bangkok go-go bar. A strange, intense customer pays her a large amount of money to stay with him. But to Nok's surprise it's not sex he's after.

I understand from a comment by Nekoneko that P is available on DVD from Australia, so I'll try to mail-order it and stop bugging Paul to slide me a DVD.

Delving a bit further into the AFM catalog, there's also films listed as "in production". There are two entries for now:

In "post production" are four:
  • The Happiness of Kati: This childhood drama is adapted from the S.E.A. Write Award-winning short novel by Ngarmpun "Jane" Jejjajiva. It's due for release in 2009. I wrote about it earlier.
  • Ong-Bak 2 - Tony Jaa's forthcoming magnum opus, is due on December 4.
  • Power Kids: Four kids, including the ferocious girl boxer from Som Tum and Born to Fight, Sasisa Jindamanee, battle Johnny Nguyen from The Rebel and Tom Yum Goong. Krissanapong Rachata directs. It's due out next year.
  • Tsunami 2022 - Twentieth June Entertainment is producing this drama about an impending tsunami, however unlike 2004's disaster, a scientist's prediction is heeded by the prime minister who then convinces skeptical coastal residents to head inland by creating a giant Songkran festival and getting everyone to return to their hometowns. A promo reel is to show at AFM, and the film is due for completion this year, but I'm not sure when it will be released.


  1. Just a heads up, "P" is also out now on Region 1, NTSC North American release as well for those who might want to see it...

    It's nice having viewing options!

  2. Looks like the Region 1 release of P (The Possessed) didn't make it out of the gates before Tartan Video went belly up. Amazon says "this item has been discontinued by the manufacturer." HK Flix - they have the Region 4 disc - says "the release of this DVD has been postponed indefinitely, originally scheduled for 3/11/2008."

    Here's hoping Palisades Tartan can secure the rights to it and give it a decent release.


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