Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Moment in June added to Goa fest; short-film platform unveiled

Indie director O Nathapon's debut feature, A Moment in June, will make its India debut at the 39th International Film Festival of India, which runs from November 23 to December 1 in Goa.

It joins four other previously announced Thai titles: The Coffin, which is in the festival's main competition, the historical drama First Flight, and the martial-arts hits Muay Thai Chaiya and Chocolate.

A Moment in June had its world premiere in the New Currents competition at the Pusan International Film Festival. It was the opening film of the 6th World Film Festival of Bangkok, where two more screenings are scheduled, at 7pm on Friday (October 31) and 1pm on Saturday (November 1).

O Nathapon said after last Friday's gala screening that he's waiting to hear about other possible festival appearances for his time-spanning romantic drama. He also hopes for a release in Thailand around Valentine's Day.

The Goa festival has also announced it will have a market for short films and documentaries. The Short Film Center will give space to up to 500 shorts for filmmakers to pitch their work to buyers and funds. The festival will also unveil an International Competition for shorts and documentaries under 30 minutes and a another competition for shorts and documentaries under 30 minutes with an environmental theme.

(Thanks Lekha!)


  1. February? Valentine's day? ug! That's so distant in the future.

    Then, I have wait a few months before it comes out on DVD.

    I give it 6-7 months until I see it. Or maybe a year.

  2. A Moment in June has no distribution deal, so it could take awhile before we start seeing DVDs.

    I expect it will hit the festival circuit hot and heavy over the coming year.

  3. Oh for the love, you gotta be joking me. :(

    I'll give myself 2 years then. Wow that's a long wait.


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