Saturday, October 11, 2008

Kongkiat, Wisit are serving up Slice

Kongkiat Khomsiri at the premiere of Muay Thai Chaiya at the 2007 Bangkok International Film Festival. Photo by Curtis Winston.Wisit Sasanatieng at the premiere of Muay Thai Chaiya director Kongkiat Khomsiri's next project is a crime thriller called Slice that he is developing with Tears of the Black Tiger and Citizen Dog director Wisit Sasanatieng for Five Star Production.

It's not the first time the two have collaborated. Kongkiat wrote the screenplay for The Unseeable, the period ghost thriller that Wisit directed. Now Wisit is returning the favor, writing the story for Slice and working with Kongkiat on the screenplay.

Here's the synopsis for Slice, as found on 24 Frames per Second:

After a string of murder cases, involving mostly male victims being severed ... the police are still baffled by the case and have no clue linking a murder suspect.

An ex-hitman turned informant named Tai tries to fill in the details of this baffling case. But the police have simply disregarded his valuable input, until now.

The situation changes when the next victim is revealed as the son of a government official. The order is put out to capture the murderer at all costs. The police have nowhere to turn to for clues and so must rely on Tai for leads.

But information from Tai comes with a price. First he requests his freedom. In return, he promises to apprehend the murderer within 15 days. To make sure he can deliver the murderer as promised, his wife is held against her will until he can deliver the murderer.

With Tai's expertise in tracking down people, the ex hitman uses what he knows to gain insight and clues to the case. Remembering that one of his childhood friends has a history of mental illness that shows up in the form of resenting the male species in general, thus starts a chase for the murderer. Tai must now duel it out and hopefully catch the right man.

It'll be interesting to see what time period this noirish-sounding thriller is set in, and who will play the role of Tai. And how bloody will it be? As a member of the Ronin Team that's been behind the Art of the Devil series, Khom hasn't been afraid to get gory. Should be fun.

According to Five Star exec Amy Iamphungphorn, Slice is scheduled for release by spring 2009.

(Via 24 Frames per Second, Twitch; photos via Wikimedia Commons)

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