Monday, May 18, 2009

Coming Open to make North American premiere at Another Hole in the Head

Coming Soon
, the directorial debut by Shutter and Alone screenwriter Sopon Sukdapisit, will make its North American premiere at Another Hole in the Head in San Francisco.

Also simply Holehead, it's a horror, sci-fi and fantasy genre film rest put on from June 5 to 18 at the Roxie theater by the San Francisco Independent Film Festival.

Here is the festival synopsis:

A Thai ghost story that takes an incredible psychological turn by weaving classic folklore into the modern world of digital technology and film piracy within the steamy city of Bangkok. Coming Soon has an unsettling knack for scaring you right out of your seat. There are multiple twists of plot that will keep you guessing (and questioning your sanity) all the way to the very end. The divide between what is real and what is film/fantasy is continually addressed here and leaves you with that terrifying sense that you have just woken up from a nightmare wondering if it really was “just a bad dream.” After watching Coming Soon you will absolutely need a night-light! Spectacular cinematography delivered on a fresh 35mm print make this screening an amazing visual treat. Don’t miss a rare opportunity to see this on the big screen in San Francisco! - Mike Skurko

Michael Guillen at The Evening Class has more on Coming Soon and the festival.

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  1. Nice! I've been wanting to see this one, hopefully it'll get some showings other places as well.

    Oh!! I see the Singapore disc is now available over at with.... yep.... English subtitling! Yay!

    (Psst! And I found "Deep In the Jungle" has a Malay release now too with Enlish dubbing.... thought I should mention it!)

  2. I like 'Coming Soon' it's one of the decent Thai horror films of last year. What I didn't like is just the ending. But the ghost is quite creepy and nightmarish.


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