Sunday, May 24, 2009

Trailer for Krasue vs. Pop

Curious to see just how bad Krasue vs. Pop (Krasue Fad Pop, กระสือฟัดปอบ) might be, I went searching for the trailer.

And, holy crap.

Set in a rural village, the comedy features two of Thailand's top female ghosts -- the Krasue and Pop -- in a face off. Krasue, the floating vampiric head that is featured in the folklore of many of the region's countries, is played by none other than Intira Jaroenpura -- she's gone from playing the ghost wife Mae Nak in one of the most revered depictions of that famous ghost story to this.

Prangwalai Tepsatorn plays Pop, a malevolent spirit who dines on filth and bloody entrails.

Plus there's the usual cast of comedians. It's being released by 5 4 3 2 1 Action Films and was in cinemas on Thursday, but it's not playing anywhere with English subtitles.

The trailer is at YouTube and I've embedded it below. Watch it if you dare.

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  1. The Manager newspaper agrees with of the year's worst films.


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